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My aim as a coach is to create riders that are not dependent on me, my goal is to get my students to think for themselves and ride for themselves in a tactful manner to create happy and relaxed horses who enjoy their work.

I have completed my BHS Stage 3 and I am currently completing Stage 4. I studied BSc (Hons) Equestrian Sports Coaching at Hartpury University. I have been involved within the equestrian industry in varying degrees since a young age and have since competed to Advanced level dressage with aims to reach Grand Prix. I was a working pupil at Ingestre Stables, I have trained abroad in France and Germany. These experiences have allowed me to work with horses classed as “difficult” or “problem” and have achieved positive results.

Certified Coach

Encouraging the use of the scales of training so that the student can make a accurate assessment of the horses way of going on any given day. Discussing exercises that can be used to improve highlighted limitations in achieving desired goals, integrating the use of CoachNow to provide detailed analysis of rider and horse combination in flatwork and jumping. After each coaching session students will be provided with a NoteSheet outlying session pros and cons as well as providing exercises and additional advice to continue with what’s been taught in lesson. This is to try and combat the feeling of being “unable” to achieve what was accomplished in the lesson during the week.

I often find myself referring to the partnership between horse and rider as I think this is paramount to achieving success with all of your goals, and distinctly remember an instructor during my time at Ingestre telling me that my attitude to riding was very much “it’s just you and me mate” which I took as quite a big compliment. I don’t work to time frames I work to the pace that the horse can achieve so as not to risk unnecessary injury


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