Coaching £35

Sessions last between 45mins – 1 hour, working to make improvements within the session whilst also ensuring sessions are fun and achievable. Available for both flatwork and jumping. N.B. If I ride the horse during a coaching session there is no extra charg BOOK NOW

Competition practice £40

Want someone to look over your test, or need some help jumping courses effectively in the run up to competition? BOOK NOW

Competition support £100

Available to offer support/coaching through warm ups and debrief after a jumping round or dressage test, available for the whole day. BOOK NOW

Ground Schooling £40

Ever wondered how to long rein or lunge effectively? Have a horse with little to no stable manners then ground schooling is for you. Allowing anywhere between 30mins to 1.5hours for ground schooling to ensure there is adequate time to work to the horses pace. This also includes coaching ground schooling as well as doing ground schooling. Packages Available please Contact Me BOOK NOW

Riding £40

Riding for exercise, schooling or for sales. BOOK NOW

Backing/starting assistance p.o.a

Need an extra set of hands or need some guidance with your first young horse? Call or email me to discuss availability for an assessment session. The assessment session will last between an hour – hour and a half (£65) to assess amount of work required. Or (£85) to write a program for you. BOOK NOW

Viewings £45

Never been to view a horse before? Unsure what to look out for, or do you just want a second opinion, available for viewings having assisted in the viewing process with numerous horses I am confident, calm & professional at all times. N.B. I take no legal responsibility for the future of the horse. It’s advice not set in stone. BOOK NOW


If it’s not listed or advertised as available this doesn’t mean its not offered call or email to discuss what you are looking for BOOK NOW